[nSLUG] PVR systems

Michael Sutherland mike at checkthisshitout.com
Thu Feb 10 19:45:33 AST 2011

On 2011-02-08, at 10:54 AM, Robin Murray wrote:

> Wow, how long has it been since you've installed MythTV?

I had several incantations of mythboxen starting with 0.14 up to 0.21.  I'm proud to say I finally gave up on myth in 2008.  3 years clean :-)

> I started with Kubuntu Breezy, and installation was extremely complex, with a very steep learning curve. The latest distros have made the process easier by orders of magnitude, essentially just apt-get install's and answer a few questions, then define your inputs and channels at schedulesdirect, and Bob's your uncle.

Yes, there are live cd's now that will do most of the installation work for you.  I starting using Mythdora and Mythbuntu towards the end.

> My system would run for months and months with 0 issues, it just hummed. The remote worked fine. It's been used by kids of all ages and non-technical spouses, and rather than being turned off or frustrated by it, they never want to go back to regular TV again. This in itself speaks volumes.

I don't blame the remote issues on myth, I blame lircd :-), If you use a keyboard to navigate or haven't had the pleasure of capturing remote control codes using irw, then you then you have not gone far enough down the rabbit hole.

> Saying the mythtv community is rude is a generality. Like most other groups, the vast majority are great, with a few assholes sprinkled in.

I was a member of both the users and developer mailgroups for a number of years.  I would say the vast majority are assholes with a few "great" people sprinkled in.  One of my last experiences with the developers was filing a ticket for a bug regarding mythweb and how it populated certain values in the db used by mythvideo.  I was almost immediately berated by a few of the devs, had my ticket status changed to "will not fix" and closed.  Fast forward 2 years and change, long after I've moved away from myth.  I receive an email out of the blue from their ticketing system.  Guess what bug was finally fixed?  Am I bitter? Yes...

With regards to consuming media it is far better with a system that allows you to watch shows on your own time and commercial free, MythTV does do this, but so do other systems.  Back to the original question "is MythTV appropriate for a non technical person?".  I still say no, I don't think its ready for many reasons, least of all the day things go wrong.  A simple example is after a power outage, a non technical user wouldn't know what to do when fsck rears its ugly head, but with a settop box, you just have to press power on the remote.


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