[nSLUG] PVR systems

Michael Sutherland mike at checkthisshitout.com
Mon Feb 7 22:04:43 AST 2011

On 2011-02-07, at 1:40 PM, Ted Tibbetts wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm considering a PVR system as a gift for someone who is not particularly techically proficient.

That one statement tells me that MythTV is not the right option.   

The below is my opinion based on the many years I spent with MythTV:

MythTV is an application+scripts that runs on top of linux, its a tinkerers dream but not reliable enough to stand the test of time.   When it works, it works well, assuming of course you've nailed all the installation gotchas, have mastered the installation process and know all of the quirks of your system and hardware.  In my experience this is something that can take years. With lots of experimentation and failed attempts to get right.

So what do you get for all your invested time?  An outdated interface, finicky remote control interaction and a power hungry system that is always on.   A ticking time bomb if you will, with many points of failure.  Ask yourself if you want to support this?

Don't get me wrong, what MythTV can do for an open source application is awesome.  Compared to other PVR programs paid or otherwise its a head of the pack.  Is it end user ready, no.  Buy or rent a settop pvr box from the provider.

Not to mention the MythTV community is plain rude...


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