[nSLUG] Re: Multiply-claimed blocks?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Aug 31 14:14:01 ADT 2011

me> I have (and just used for this) the Slackware distro DVD.  It
me> boots into a working system with (AIUI) everything on a ramdisk
me> and leaves the real HD alone until you mount or fsck it. But it
me> lacks many of the tools that I use all the time.  more instead of
me> less, vi instead of emacs [1], console only and no working
me> support for USB or LAN.

Ben> Which is why you need to use live-build and make a custom rescue
Ben> image with *exactly* the stuff you want on it! Does slack have
Ben> anything like this?

Don't know. I shall have to hunt around and find out.

I once commenced trying to build one myself but ran aground because I
didn't know how top handle the /dev/files. Now, with udev, it's
s'posed to be easier but I still don't know how to manage creating
/dev/* from scratch.

Surely someone else has done it.  If I fond something, I'll report
back here, just FYI.

- Mike

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