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D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:42:35 ADT 2011

There are hundreds of these being sold on ebay for an attempt at a quick
$120+ profit.

Makes you wonder how many of these purchases are actually to own and use.

The sudden popularity in this should send a message to the tablet vendors:
if they simply drop the price to the sub $200 area, people are able to
afford it.
Otherwise you are asking us to pop a price like that of a very good vacuum
for something that will be outshone by the next wave of upgraded product
in about 6 to 12 months, while the vacuum cleaner would still work well
for 10 years or so.  It is tech lust that allows them to price the leading
edge toys at premium amounts, eventually coming down in stages as they
find people's trigger point of coughing up bucks.  If you doubt that,
the pricing points for something like the iPod touch.  It doesn't really
the manufacturer much different for the greater quantities of memory (think
wholesale pricing, not retail), and yet the price points jump in huge leaps
between 8, 16 and 32GB models.  How do they get away with it?  Tech Lust
can overcome any rational expectations and demands of the customer.
Really, Apple could simply make and sell one model of iPod Touch:
a 32GB model at the 8GB price, and still make money.  But they milk people
for what they can afford, and enough people go for it.
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