[nSLUG] Poll: proposed alternate dates for Sept. 2011 meeting

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sun Aug 21 12:32:26 ADT 2011

Since the regular time for our next meeting conflicts with Labor Day,
Sept. 5, I have proposed three alternate dates, along with that day
itself: either Monday Sept. 5 or 12, or else Tuesday Sept. 6 or 13.


Addressing the concerns expressed last month that we make our polls not
depend on Javascript and render nicely in a text browser, this poll uses
the open source (licensed under the AGPL) ruby-based Dudle polling
software. I created and submitted my votes for the poll using the links2
text-based browser. I have also successfully viewed the poll with the
lynx*** and w3m text-based browsers. It looks best in links2 and w3m
(and of course looks fine in any gui browser as well). Just make sure
that whichever browser you use, and the terminal you run it in (if
applicable) are configured correctly for UTF-8.

Please let me know how you like Dudle and if you think we should stick
with it. I considered also Pleft (http://www.pleft.com) as it is open
source as well, but it presently seems to rely on Javascript.

*** In lynx 2.8.8dev.9-2 in Debian Sid, I found the cells of the table
were "staircased" instead of neatly aligned in a row. Poor rendering of
tables is one of the reasons I switched to links2 a long time ago.

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