[nSLUG] Splitting mp3 files

Gerald linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Fri Aug 5 17:15:17 ADT 2011


I have over 400 mp3 files that need introductory and trailing remarks
removed. I have to find these points by ear. They are all VBR encoded. I
tried Audacity and was put off by how slow it is to load and save the
files. I looked for splitters or editors that use mp3 format. On Ubuntu
I tried cutmp3 but it was very slow editing finding the right points
going forward and backward by 0.1, 1.0, 10. seconds at a time. It also
drops all the ID3V2 tags. I tried mp3splt-gtk. I would mark locations
for the split and then it would split nearby. AudioSlice (on a Mac)
fails to write the Lame or Xing vbr header in the piece I want to keep.
(It writes a faulty Xing header in the introductory remarks slice.)

Looking for suggestions, even willing to buy software to do this if it
will save me enough time and sanity.



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