[nSLUG] In home rack space

Johann Tienhaara jtienhaara at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 09:24:29 ADT 2010

> Any ideas for furniture that also is rackspace?

Hey Adam,

Ikea does ship, for what it's worth.  Also there's this rack-sized "RAST" nightstand for $20:


For racks I usually buy some wood locally (like those 2'x4' panels you can get at Home Depot [and other more Canadian box stores]), and then buy Raxxess or similar rack rails.  Mind you I don't know of anybody who sells the rails here in Canada.  My personal preferred source is in the U.S.:


Of course you can also buy cheap pre-made racks from companies like TOV, but the shipping costs are killer, and the plywood is kind of crap.

Finally I've seen jigs in the past (at Lee Valley maybe? can't remember) which have the perfect spacing for drilling rack holes.  However I've never been able to find 0.625" wide aluminum (or any other metal) rails.  They always seem to be 3/4" and up, which means changing the design of the whole rack, or risking some gear not fitting...  So in the end I gave up that avenue.  I'd be curious whether anyone else has had any success drilling their own rails though.

Good luck with the search Adam!  Cheers,

Johann Tienhaara

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