[nSLUG] Server update.

Scott Walsh walsh at cs.dal.ca
Wed Sep 8 23:56:59 ADT 2010

Xming seems to work well enough for those that need it(2007 release is 
the last free one, donations get you access to newer versions). Exceed 
is nice, and Xwin-32 is functional, but both cost money.

What I recommend is FreeNX Server coupled with the NX client from 
NoMachine. Secure, compressed, quite nice. It does session saving, if 
you're into that sort of thing ;) (Just remember to disable the OpenGL 
screensavers :/)

Google has released a competing 'neatx' package, which I've not used. 
Looks like the main/only distribution mechanism is SVN. Maybe there are 
packages floating around out there for it...

On 2010-09-08 11:24 PM, D G Teed wrote:
> I can't vouch for the quality, but I see Windows software called
> Xming (sourceforge has the public domain version).  Many years
> ago I used Exceed by Hummingbird.  It is now owned by OpenText.
> A little pricey, but it works well and might be worth it if this is
> for professional use.

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