[nSLUG] giving away 2 sparcstation 20

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 11:59:29 ADT 2010

I have 2 sparcstation 20 machines to give away, but I'd like to
ask for $20 for the time I've put into verifying the hardware isn't junk.
It is probably best to take both, that way you'll have a spare,
given these things are 16 years old.

This is for pick up in the Valley region.  Not interested in shipping
them, as it will probably kill them, and the weight would
also make it more expensive than a typical PC, even though
the pizza box size is fairly compact.

Both have been tested with a Solaris 9 install in the past week.

Machine 1:
320 MB RAM
18 GB (10K) SCSI hard drive
2 x 75 Mhz processors
cdrom reader

Machine 2:
288 MB RAM
2 x 9 GB SCSI hard drives
2 x 60 Mhz 1 MB cache sparc processors
cdrom reader

You'll want one of these to complement the set up:

a) null modem serial cable with 25 pin on one end, or
b) sun monitor with 13W3 connection and Sun keyboard/mouse

You'll see references to 13W3 to HD15 adapter, but I've found
most of these do not work, at least with monitors I've had.

Hopefully someone can put these to good use or study.

Please email off-list to inquire.  I may respond on list
to say they are claimed if I see many responses.

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