[nSLUG] Local suppliers comment

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Fri Oct 29 18:50:25 ADT 2010

I have read the various comments about a local vendor.  If people are in a hurry, 
regardless of the retail outlet, there is good supply of just about everything common  at
the 3 local distributor warehouses.

Power supplies, memory, motherboards, keyboards, DVD burners, cases, hard drives, OS, 
apps, etc. are all stocked locally.  Maybe not the brand you wished for, but if you are 
down and need it running, probably a close approximation is available now.

Any reseller can go to these locations and get items today.  Sometimes the cost is 
marginally higher than an order coming from central Canada, usually not.

Example.  500 GB Seagate hardrives are within 1 or 2 dollars of the wholesale price in 
Toronto.  And when the cost is less than $50.00 that is a nothing amount.  It does not 
pay to keep the customer waiting for such a small difference.  Sometimes stores are hung 
up on cost and delay the sale to save a few %.  They often will lose the sale as a 

I have observed that some of the local computer retailers are computer people first and 
business people 2nd.  They are often enamoured with the technology and as a result often 
overlook the business side of the operation.  Not always.  Sometimes owners think that 
because an employee knows a fair bit about computers, they also know about business.  Not
always the case.  Many times employees don't appreciate the actual cost of keeping the 
store open and think wow if I make $6.00 on a $100 sale I have done well.  NOT!  Fine if 
you are a grocery store and turn the inventory twice a week.  Not so fine in the 6 turn a
year, gets out of date fast, computer industry.

So need stuff?  Is it a common item?  If not in stock, should be available with 2-3 days 
at worst, and that delay is because the retailer may not have had someone free to go to 
the warehouse across town.  

Otherwise, choose another vendor!

My rant ends.

Jim H

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