[nSLUG] Backups: dealing with large, growing photo collections (was: Selling Used Computers)

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 12:32:47 ADT 2010

A few quick comments (as I'm on dialup ATM).  Every home should have a
networked file server with partitions for each user.  Linux systems
can use automated backup tools for home directories and configuration
data (/etc).

A 1TB USB drive can be purchased for $100 and used for offsite,
andthere now nice network server boxes with iSCSI SAN, CIFS, and NFS
capabilities and wireless routers
that accept a USB drive and share it via CIFS.

I'm not a fan of "mirrored" drives:

1) both drives are always running, so you get 2x heat

2) having a hot mirror is nice in a setting where down time is money,
but where money is
tight, the 2nd drive is better used for backups and kept in a more
secure location (fireproof box or a neighbor's house).

3) there are too many failure modes that take out both drives -- root
kit, controller or cable or PS or fan failure resulting in overtemps.

People with kids who use windows should take some time to teach the
importance of managing disk space and backups, maybe make it one of
each kid's assigned chores to backup their own data to the family
server.   Files on kids' systems will accumulate until all available
space is exhausted, so some monitoring is needed to ensure that space
is used sensibly.   Some people manage kid's PC's by shrinking the C:
partition on each kid's system and using the excess space for a linux
partition and backups of other systems.

On 3/30/10, D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sure everyone has slightly different user and data scenarios,
> even for home systems.
> I have a Debian x86 Atom system with mirrored 500GB drives.
> This has our email on it and home directories with some documents.
> I run a large samba share on it called scratch.
> Scratch is used to hold things I don't care are lost like ISOs
> I can download again or have already burned.  It also has valuable
> stuff on it like software I've paid for and license keys.  However
> anything valuable must also exist on another system - typically
> a Windows machine which runs the said software.
> The 2nd level of backup up is a Solaris x86 system with mirrored
> 320GB drives and the ZFS file system.  I periodically power it up
> and copy important files like photographs to it.
> I'd like to get a blueray burner and put at least some of the
> materlals on DL blueray and give it to a friend or relative to cover
> the off-site aspect of good disaster planning.
> --Donald
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