[nSLUG] Backups: dealing with large, growing photo collections (was: Selling Used Computers)

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 13:11:23 ADT 2010

I'm sure everyone has slightly different user and data scenarios,
even for home systems.

I have a Debian x86 Atom system with mirrored 500GB drives.
This has our email on it and home directories with some documents.
I run a large samba share on it called scratch.

Scratch is used to hold things I don't care are lost like ISOs
I can download again or have already burned.  It also has valuable
stuff on it like software I've paid for and license keys.  However
anything valuable must also exist on another system - typically
a Windows machine which runs the said software.

The 2nd level of backup up is a Solaris x86 system with mirrored
320GB drives and the ZFS file system.  I periodically power it up
and copy important files like photographs to it.

I'd like to get a blueray burner and put at least some of the
materlals on DL blueray and give it to a friend or relative to cover
the off-site aspect of good disaster planning.


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