[nSLUG] Selling Used Computers

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Wed Mar 24 21:12:19 ADT 2010

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Sounds reasonable.  And especially considering Jim's generosity giving
> away free stuff in the past and the positive responses by our members, I
> don't think it's unreasonable that he asks for a little bit of
> compensation for some of the stuff that still has some monetary value.

I'd also like to add my voice in support for Jim (or any other regular 
nslug contributor) occasionally putting up items for sale, particularly 
those that would be of interest to Linux users. I'm also all for anyone 
using nslug to give away hardware that may be of interest/use to linux 
users (not being entirely innocent of this myself) - anything that keeps 
this stuff out of the landfill and in actual use has to be a good thing.

That said, I wouldn't want nslug to become a replacement for hfx.forsale. 
I wouldn't be averse to more tales of Mike Spencer's emacs experiments in 
blacksmithery, though.

Cheers... Dop.

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