[nSLUG] Free goods

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Wed Mar 24 12:43:17 ADT 2010

Yup cleaning out more stuff.  All free.

Some little things here.  All are PCI unless specified.

I have 
1 3com 3C905-TX  
1 3Com 3C905B-TX   Network Cards

1  SoundBlaster OEM   Model CT4750 
1  SoundBlaster Live   Model CT4780  Audio Cards

1 GVC Conexant based 56K modem
1  Lucent chip based 56 K modem

1 Realtek 100mb NIC
1 Aopen AGP card Model M64-AGP

2 AGP video cards I cannot identify

1  P3 Slot 1 motherboard QDI Legend  Model B6I440BX  aka Brilliant-1  UNKNOWN 
STATUS  with CPU in slot.

I would like to simplify this.  If anyone needs these items, they should be 
prepared to take them all.

They are in a box ready for pick up. 

Please call 499-5250 to arrange pick up



Jim H

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