[nSLUG] QR code (Was: Date for Linuxfest)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Mar 23 02:18:31 ADT 2010

Ben wrote:

> There's nothing grey here at all.  By taking out a patent but not 
> enforcing it, they have increased the chances of broad adoption because 
> now nobody else can take out a patent restricting people's use of it.  
> Used this way, it is actually a tool to *ensure* openness, and in no way 
> provides an obstacle to entering Debian or Ubuntu.

Quite true.  But there *is* an obstacle to looking inside to see how
it works.  Like JPEG (buy the electronic doc or buy the one book in
which it appears).  Unlike GIF, the full specs for which are freely
available despite the Unisys patent bun fight.

Adam Hartling <adam.hartling.ns at gmail.com> wrote:

> http://www.swetake.com/qr/qr1_en.html

Huh. Can't access that on port 80 or ping or traceroute it over a
period of several hours.  Try again tomorrow.

- Mike

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