[nSLUG] QR code (Was: Date for Linuxfest)

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Mon Mar 22 20:09:23 ADT 2010

On 22/03/10 05:10 PM, Ted Tibbetts wrote:
> There's also a package (in Ubuntu anyway) called libqrencode3, which 
> according to the documentation for this ruby wrapper gem 
> <http://github.com/harrisj/qrencoder> is based on the detailed spec at 
> "http://www.denso-wave.com/qrcode/index-e.html".  They explain that 
> "QR Code is open in the sense that the specification of QR Code is 
> disclosed and that the patent right owned by Denso Wave is not 
> exercised."  I'm not very knowledgeable on the legalities of patent 
> enforcement on something like this; it seems to be a grey area.

There's nothing grey here at all.  By taking out a patent but not 
enforcing it, they have increased the chances of broad adoption because 
now nobody else can take out a patent restricting people's use of it.  
Used this way, it is actually a tool to *ensure* openness, and in no way 
provides an obstacle to entering Debian or Ubuntu.


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