[nSLUG] Date for Linuxfest

Colin Conrad cmconrad79 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 20:47:15 ADT 2010

Adam Hartling wrote:
> Cool, let me know when the details are finalized and I'll finish off the
> flyer. I'll post the PDF link on here and I'll print a bunch to post around
> town. 
> I put on a QR bar code pointing to the Halifax Computer club website. My
> idea was if there was a page somewhere for the event we could made the code
> point to it, seeing as more and more people have phones that can read that
> type of code. If there isn't a page I'll just leave it pointing to the
> Halifax Computer Club page.
I think having it point to the main page of the HCC website would be fine.


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