[nSLUG] Wireless Router

Peter Dobcsanyi petrus at ftml.net
Sat Mar 13 09:43:48 AST 2010

On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 07:01:44PM -0400, Daniel Morrison wrote:
> I have tried to connect a laptop running Ubuntu to a WPA2 network, and
> I have had friend running Ubuntu on their laptop try to connect to a
> WPA2 network. I don't know what Ubuntu is doing with wireless
> (everything else is good!) but even after lots of clicking and

It is not so much an Ubuntu but rather a Gnome problem.  Replace Gnome's
default NetworkManager with "wicd" (http://wicd.sourceforge.net/).

> Unfortunately, I think most Linux-based wireless routers are out of
> production now, so that means finding a used or old stock. My

What happened to the Linux-based routers? What kind of OS is used in the
new ones?


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