[nSLUG] Wireless Router

David Payne david at payneful.ca
Fri Mar 12 22:41:08 AST 2010

On 2010-03-12, at 7:01 PM, Daniel Morrison wrote:
> In terms of model, getting one which runs Linux is always a big plus.
> If you get one with a flashable firmware, you can install 3rd party
> Linux-based firmware like OpenWRT or DD-WRT, and configure the device
> to perform like a fully-fledged enterprise router.
> Unfortunately, I think most Linux-based wireless routers are out of
> production now, so that means finding a used or old stock. My
> favourite is the Motorola WR850G.v2. Linksys made a number of good
> models (WRT54G/GS), but you have to be very careful with which version
> you get. I can provide details on this if you wish. Dell Truemobile is
> another Linux-based device of this type.


If a router that can run dd-wrt is a concern I would suggest Linksys WRT160N V3.  You can buy them new, but pay attention to the version, v2 is not supported by dd-wrt.

I bought mine new in December, installed dd-wrt and it has lived up to my not too high expectations.  I have never had a perfectly reliable wireless setup, but this one is as close as I have ever come to having one.  Very rarely do I loose connection.  The configuration options in dd-wrt are great.


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