[nSLUG] Meetings: new venue and day?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sun Mar 7 11:56:49 AST 2010

On 06/03/10 08:30 PM, odoepner wrote:
> Café Ristretto looks like a relatively small, fancy (expensive?) coffee
> place to me.
> Do they even do fair-trade organic?
> I don't think I feel very inclined to come to that place ...
> But then again: I am not one of the most frequent NSLUG participants
> anyways.

Everyone's opinion is valuable.  I'm open to suggestions for 
alternatives.  Anywhere else that is:

1. centrally located (peninsular halifax, preferably downtown or close 
to it)
2. has free wifi
3. has space
4. sells decent coffee & snacks
5. has parking nearby


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