[nSLUG] Meetings: new venue and day?

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Tue Mar 2 06:37:37 AST 2010

Thanks, everyone, who came out last night.  As always, some really 
interesting conversations!  We had a record turnout of 15, in spite of a 
few regulars being unable to attend.  It has become apparent that with 
this kind of turnout, we're getting too big for Just Us!  café.  It has 
also been suggested that we continue making the meeting the first Monday 
of the month instead of the first Tuesday, as this would remove a 
regular conflict for some.

So first, I would like to know if the change of time works well for 
people.  Does this create a conflict for anyone who attends regularly?  
Are there any more who would show up if we changed days?

Second, Caffe Ristretto at Bishop's Landing has been suggested as a new 


It has nearby parking.  It is big enough.  The serve decent coffee and 
food.  They have free wireless.  Everything our group needs.



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