[nSLUG] GPS Turn by Turn (Voice) and XML

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Mon Jan 25 09:53:47 AST 2010

My Garmin Nuvi GPS turn by turn  (voice) directions were often (but not
always) using  "H W Y 111" instead of "Highway 111".

The gps has file in the following format...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<gtt xmlns="http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GarminTextTranslation/v1"
http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GarminTextTranslationv1.xsd" >
    <desc>British English</desc>

    <txt>traffic problem</txt>
    <txt>bridge closed</txt>



"Hwy" in the last item appears to provide string substitution, and also
seems to be case sensitive. A couple of weeks ago I edited the file to
add some additional variations and was mostly successful in having the
voice use "Highway" rather the "H W Y". The other day I happened to look
at the screen in the middle of another outburst of "H W Y" and noticed
the device was showing "HwY 111".....

Can anyone help me figure out some way to use regular expressions (?) in
the <tag> </tag> elements to sanitize case abnormalities and standardize
the result across different map data...?



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