[nSLUG] job opening

Bill Davidson billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Wed Jan 20 21:42:20 AST 2010

Is anyone here looking for a job?  Systems administration, mostly Linux,
some Sun, a little Windows.  You need to be able to at least read perl
and shell, and have strong trouble-shooting skills in a complex
When I say "complex environment" I mean for the first six months you
won't even understand the question, never mind know the answer.
If you have strong unix skills and are interested in a challenge, let me
know and forward a resume.  My current position may be opening up in
February, and I would like to present a couple of strong candidates to
replace me.  Also, I will be highly motivated to submit your resume
because if I do and they hire you I will get some money :).
Oh, the hours suck and the pay is decent (probably above average).  If I
leave it is for better hours but the same pay and the same employer.  I
will also say that it is a pleasant work environment, a good team,
bosses who have your back if you do the work.
Bill Davidson

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