[nSLUG] Bell Aliant vs. Eastlink

jim dorey skaar at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 7 14:11:48 AST 2010

Rory wrote:
> I'll preface this by saying that I'm in NB and Aliant service here may
> differ slightly, but not as much as in the past.
> I've heard many complaints on this list over the years re: Aliant
> service. My experience here, having had Aliant PPPoE in 3 different
> locations, is that the connection has always been solid, I get my full
> bandwidth at all times and connection drops are incredibly rare.
> Currently I'm in the sticks (relatively) and I still get solid 6MB down
> and keep the same connection/IP for up to a month at a time.
> I wonder why service in NS seems so miserable by comparison?
> - R

i've kept my ip upward of 6 months before, without any troubles, my 
router is way more stable than my computers, for uptime and stuff.  my 
slackware machine has been up 24/7 for 3 months at a time, no connection 
drops, direct to the modem before the router.  my router's a used 
network everywhere i got from value village, using a wall wart rated 
half what the router specs say it requires, still, no connection 
troubles for half a year at a time.  my xp pro system's down for 
updates, rarely crashes, which is nice for ms windows, i have yet to 
solder new caps on my old motherboard for 98se, should be a fun test.

on aliant.  when things started, there were plenty of problems, but, i 
do think it was a config problem(maybe theirs), got them squared though.

i did some tests with 
and got:
washington 1501-471-49
dallas 1503-460-78
los angeles 1500-441-116
london 1498-425-120, the 425 must have been a fluke, cause the london 
numbers with other tests stayed around 240.

i haven't checked my torrent speed or anything, though i got better 
numbers after shutting torrents and my...other stuff, off.

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