[nSLUG] nSLUG Digest, Vol 72, Issue 7

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Wed Jan 6 08:55:42 AST 2010

What I like is the way files and directory names sort using yyyymmdd.

Thomas Erskine wrote:
> IMHO the most important reason for including 4-digit years has nothing
> to do with confusion at some nebulous point in the future; it has to
> to with avoiding mis-interpretation right now.  A 4-digit date part
> can only be the year, whether you are using yyyy-mm-dd or dd-mm-yyyy. 
> E.G. if you use 2-digit years you cannot tell for certain what
> 06-01-10 means.  Does it mean January 6 2010 or does it mean January
> 10 2006.  Or is it American and really means June 1 2010?
> Nope.  Four-digit years for me, all the way.
> And I'll try not to complain about timestamps which don't include the
> timezone. :-)

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