[nSLUG] nSLUG website?

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Mon Jan 4 09:37:43 AST 2010

I use wikis (all Oddmuse engines) extensively:

* A Solaris crib notes wiki - the fulltext search (e.g. for 'zfs') is particularly useful here

* One Oddmuse for every project I'm on, documents procedures, people, and config changes, system outages in day pages.

* One big oddmuse for people - it has a page for every person i've worked with in the last fifteen or so years, with notes about them. If I meet with more than one person, all of their names (written in CamelCase) and what we talked about go onto a day page.   People's relationships are easy to document, e.g. day page 2009-01-27 might say, "ColinConrad introduced RichardStallman at lecture" .. company name pages, e.g. [[Iotek]] has camelcase names for who got hired, fired, who was boss, when the company came and went.

* An oddmuse wiki for every hobby or interest, e.g. http://bonmot.ca/Sustain/

* A couple used for pure CM, e.g. http://solarns.ca/faq.php is driven out of an oddmuse wiki which solar experts regularly edit.

* And lots more.

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