[nSLUG] nSLUG website?

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Mon Jan 4 09:24:11 AST 2010

>> I put "minimal effort" into my wiki;

I'm using the Oddmuse wiki engine for my historical encyclopedia of the LGBT community in Halifax; the goal is to have a page for every person, place, thing, and event of significance to the queer community in Halifax, ever.


.. it's about a thousand pages now;  hundreds or thousands more pages are stubs or orphaned links.  So it's a long term project, but interesting.

Modules which I use for it:

* calendar - draws calendars on http://gay.hfnxns.org/LocalEvents  (this is page is slightly interesting because it is a collection or "transclusion" of *future* day pages (in ISO 8601 format of course).  Normally you collect / transclude *past* day pages to make a blog.

* canonical - lets you type a page name in lower case in an URL and have its CamelCase version returned, e.g. http://gay.hfxns.org/danielmackay

* flashbox - lets you include youtube etc. videos in a page.

* footnotes - adds footnote capability

* questionasker - basic but totally effective captcha

* timezone - display times locally

* usemod - for the markup.

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