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Sat Jan 2 22:14:40 AST 2010

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On 10-01-02 07:59 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Sure.  And if a few vigilant wiki users subscribe to recent changes so
> that any wiki abuse is immediately spotted and corrected, that can go a
> long way towards keeping the site protected.  It's really not that much
> of a chore.  I have no problem leaving the site as wiki-based.  We just
> need to put at least some minimal amount of effort into its upkeep.
> Right now, apparently we're putting zero effort into it.
> Ben

I put "minimal effort" into my wiki; easy enough to do two wikis at the
same time. (oops, broke rule #1: never volunteer) You may have noticed
my key points to Wikimedia projects; I do have some experience with wikis :)

"Ancient" was a mistake - I was thinking of a different wiki, which was
using 1.6.x (scary). But it should probably be upgraded anyways.

Extensions to install:
*CommentSpammer (maybe - I use it with my wiki, but I'm not convinced it
*SpamBlacklist (& use WMF blacklist)
*TitleBlacklist (& use WMF blacklist)

Then, change some settings, like:
and probably others...

Who should I be talking to to get this done? I can help and/or do it,
btw, if given access. And you'll want to give admin privs on the wiki too.

- -Mike
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