[nSLUG] Bell Aliant vs. Eastlink

Devan Goodwin dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca
Sat Jan 2 17:19:13 AST 2010

Anyone else on Eastlink find non-http non-ftp traffic throttled to
about 600Kb/s down and 40Kb/s up? My bandwidth tests are always fine
(15/1), http/ftp download and upload is fine but anything like
ssh/vpn/bittorrent all gets throttled.

Tested with scp and ftp to the same server, the former gets throttled,
the latter goes around 110Kb/s. Doesn't seem to affect others I know
on Eastlink. Occasionally I find it's not happening but it always
returns. Nobody I can reach on the phone can provide any clarity, get
a bunch of different stories but the result is always "not sure why"
and "nothing we can do".

It's tolerable, but irritating if you stop and think about it. Has me
seriously considering changing to Bell after more than 10 years with
Eastlink. Started at the beginning of 2009 now that I think about it.

Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca>

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