[nSLUG] Free Magazine Collection

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Fri Jan 1 11:44:37 AST 2010

I have more than a 3 foot long shelf of Linux based magazines for free.  The 
collection includes, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Linux Format, and Linux 
User and Developer.  There may be a few copies if SYSADMIN as well.  These are 
all my magazines with cover dates of  Dec 2006 and older.  There are some issue 

These would make a great learning tool as many of the apps described and 
detailed are still current.

This is not something you would want to carry on a bus or most public 
transport.  If it close enough to the Armdale Rotary I may consider delivery.  

If a library or academic institution is interested that would be great too.

Please call or e-mail, as next Wednesday is my garbage day and they will be 
recycled that day..  One or 2 may have the CD/DVD still attached to the cover.


Jim Haliburton
902-499-5250 cell
902-477-8342 Home

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