[nSLUG] Contract opportunity

Pat Gagnon patgagnon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 14:02:20 AST 2010

Hello group, I heard of this project and thought someone here might be
interested.  This is a Dalhousie department project

If you are, please send me an e-mail with your contact info and I'll pass it

Implement a school-based intervention program designed to improve
self-control in children. The program will be implemented in 7 sites across
Canada. To manage data and information, we will need a website that will
function with many purposes, such as provide info for parents and the
general public, and provide restricted information for individuals involved
in the project (i.e., with login-protected access). Also, when it comes to
program evaluation and data collection, we would like to be able to
administer questionnaires and specific computerized tasks to parents,
teachers, and children via this website. Finally, we would like to manage
our data via a secure portal on the website such that individuals at other
sites can ftp data securely or enter data directly on the website using some
sort of secure database.

Pat Gagnon

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