[nSLUG] Free to a good home

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Sat Feb 20 16:26:10 AST 2010

I have some more crap^Whigh quality used goods to give away. First come 
first served unless someone offers to take the whole lot in one go.

Floppy drives
PATA IDE and random SCSI cables
Purely random cables I no longer recall the purpose for
Assortment of AGP video cards
Random collection of ISA and PCI NICs, modems, sounds cards and... others
Bag of SIMMs and DIMMs
Toshiba port replicator
Toshiba PATA laptop drive (2 gig?)
Informix SQL 7.1 manuals
O'Reilly CGI Programming
Big Book of IPsec RFCs
Netware 5 advanced administration
Developing Sybase applications
Course manual for Course 3015: Novell Nterprise Linux Services
AT keyboards
Several lengths of coax with BNC T pieces
Plantronics telephone headset
650VA UPS (in need of 2 replacement batteries)
IBM P133 laptop
HP deskjet 612C

Cheers... Dop.

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