[nSLUG] Re: Router won't do 100mbps locally

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Feb 6 14:33:38 AST 2010

Dop wrote:

> Get a cheap switch....and plug everything into that, including the
> router. 100 meg LAN and you still have your router (which is limited
> by upstream anyway) and print queue server (which won't care about
> being throttled to 10 meg).  Make sure you plug any 10 meg only
> hardware into the router though.

That last sentence: I infer that a switch will accommodate the lowest
common speed so that plugging any 10 meg device into it will cause it
to throttle down to 10 meg on all lines.  Is that right?

The router itself is (apparently) limited to 10 meg.  So if I plug
the router into the switch, that defeats the purpose of your
suggestion, doesn't it?  What am I missing?

According to that logic, the diagram below shows your suggested setup
but the speeds indicated aren't possible because the switch won't
accommodate the mixed speeds.

                             | parallel/Centronics
     [Whatever]---------  router  ----------| Wireless (not relevant here)
               (10Mbps)     |
                            | (10 Mbps)
    Host-A |-------------|switch|-----------------| Host-B
             (100Mbps)              (100Mbps)

- Mike

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