[nSLUG] chat server for small office?

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Fri Feb 5 16:45:12 AST 2010

At my work we are going to install a chat server for about a dozen 
people. Currently people are using a mix of Google Talk and MSN. My 
first inclination is to install an irc server.

Should I install something else instead?

We don't need a full on "collaboration server." Just easy chat. We need 
something that has both Linux and Windows clients. The server will only 
run on our intranet and doesn't need to connect to other servers or 
networks. Open source is preferred.

If I do go with and irc server which one should I use? I would prefer to 
install one that is packaged for Debian/Lenny. From a quick search I see 
about 8 or so in the Debian repositories.


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