[nSLUG] Mirrors

Warren Robertson WRobertson at dal.ca
Wed Feb 3 09:13:58 AST 2010

Just curious, if people like the speed of the new Dal mirror couldn't
they take advantage of the NRC mirror site which is on the CaNet
backbone. It's on the ulimately connected to the same network that the
Computer Science server is on unless some routing parameter makes you go
over a different path. I use it here at Dal and I can download faster
from it then I can transfer from a local server.....which seems very

Oh, and it has every distribution I've ever looked for.

I just downloaded the Fedora Live CD and here is the report, check out
the speed!

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection
for /pub/systems/linux/redhat/fedora/linux/releases/12/Live/x86_64/Fedora-12-x86_64-Live-KDE.iso (718274560 bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
transferred /pub/systems/linux/redhat/fedora/linux/releases/12/Live/x86_64/Fedora-12-x86_64-Live-KDE.iso at 11325.59 KB/s

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