[nSLUG] VirtualBox running a 64 Bit Host

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 01:26:20 AST 2010


I got Vista 64 running in VirtualBox under Fedora 11 64 with no grief
at all.  Until I read your post just now, I was blissfully unaware
that there even could be issues with 64-bit VirtualBox.

Now that doesn't solve your problem, other than to establish the a
solution exists.

There is a lot that it could be: bugs in Ubuntu, bugs that are in your
kernel but not mine, bugs in VirtualBox that are stimulated by Ubuntu
but not Fedora.

I suggest askin at the Ubuntu forums.  Maybe there is already a
solution to your problem.

Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at gmail dot com

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