[nSLUG] Proprietary Software for Linux

Scott Walsh walsh at cs.dal.ca
Sun Aug 15 13:29:10 ADT 2010

Actually it was Sun ;) At the time he was heading Project Indiana, which 
became Open Solaris. A leaked memo announced that the project is being 

Oracle resigned his cloud computing position upon acquisition of Sun, 
and I can't find any current information on his employment.

I feel a debt of gratitude to Ian Murdock(in addition to every other 
programmer of FOSS that I use on a daily basis) as I use what started 
out as his efforts on a daily basis.

I think the RedHat model of selling product for the support contract to 
fund developers is a really good one for business, but doesn't really 
work in consumer cases.

On 2010-08-15 12:44 PM, Sheldon Tower wrote:
> The reason I think proprietary software is here to stay is because it
> gives people an incentive to become a professional developer.
> Proprietary software = salary for a developer, doesn't it? I read in
> Linux Format a while back that even the original creator of Debian went
> to the dark side, and took a job with Microsoft.

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