[nSLUG] New To NS -- looking for work and like-minded people

Chris MacPhee Thompson c.thompson at donerightit.com
Fri Aug 13 14:34:15 ADT 2010

Hello Everyone,

Just moved here from Calgary, AB to Salmon River.
Was born and raised in Calgary and my family and I are excited to be out
east in this beautiful province. Definitely a change of pace from the

Bit about myself, I deal specifically with Ubuntu within my own home
business. As well professionally have supported/utilized Centos/Red Hat.
I still have a single Windows box sitting in the corner that makes me a
bit sick whenever I turn it on. and I do fix "those" on the side.

I'm currently looking for work and will continue until I find something
full time. Excited to explore and meet new people. Hope to hear from you
all :)

Chris Thompson
Done Right I.T.

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