[nSLUG] Lessons learned from yesterday

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Tue Apr 20 07:16:44 ADT 2010

Lesson 2
Apple's TIme Machine does a pretty amazing job at a bare metal restore -- insert system disk, boot, click English, select Time Machine, select the backup set, wait 2.5 hours, system's exactly back the way it was a fraction of an hour before... ah...

Lesson 1
Giant magnets are bad for your laptop.  Even if you think, "Just this one giant magnet, just this once."

On the positive side, I started the day with a 120G drive in my laptop and ended with a 250G, for not much money.

If you know anyone who is a little sloppy with their backup strategy, I recommend The Dao Of Backup; it's a fun read, it's breathtakingly succinct: 


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