[nSLUG] Re: Browsers and source saving (was "Re: Re: amusing convergence of old and new")

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Apr 18 03:01:17 ADT 2010

Daniel Morrison wrote:

> Mike: you need to chill out. :)

Oh, yeah. Yeah. In fact, this post has been truncated after it turned
into an even longer rant. :-\

> Yes, I know you labeled this as a rant. But it's no excuse for not
> fact checking.

Well, I unpacked two Firefox "extensions" and found js.  And I did say:

me> I'm guessing here that all "extensions" to Firefox are written in
me> js. ^^^^^^^^

> ...it should be possible to replace every image with a local
> placeholder blank image of the correct size. Whether it can be made
> into a link that fetches the original image... I don't know, but I
> think the possibility deserves exploring.

Ted Tibbetts observed:

TT> Daniel: In order to make it possible to click on something to
TT> cause the actual image to download, you'd have to have Squid
TT> rewrite the source code to put the image tag inside of an anchor
TT> tag.  And then what if the original image tag is already within an
TT> anchor...

Netscape handles this with internal code and it would, in fact, be
hard to recreate it by re-writing the HTML. Actually, NN mouse button
3 can pop up a menu offering to display the (as yet not downloaded or
rendered) image or to "view" it as a single page.  In the case of an
image which is itself an anchor, a slow button 1 click will fetch and
render such image while a fast #1 click will go to the referenced URL.

More than you wanted to know but indication that the implemented
functionality is deeper than an HTML rewrite.

> (personally I think KDE, Gnome, Firefox, etc. are leading the free
> software charge straight towards Microsoft-land)

We agree there. If I wanted all that, why would I fight the Borg?

[Rant elided :-] 

But the home-made dish pan came out real good. And the script works. 

me> Maybe I should just shut up now and go do something useful such as
me> fabricate a steel dishpan to replace the leaky enamel one that can no
me> longer be found in the stores. All-analog tech.
me> ObLinux: (But maybe I'll write a perl script to solve the cone-shape
me> -> pattern layout once and for all.)

- Mike

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