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On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Adam Hartling
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>>You need oversight bodies that have people who really understand
>>the industry and can not only point out where "regulations" are
>>being broken, but how to go about building a better widget that
>>conforms to the spirit of the regulations, which is much different
>>from the boosterism of many "regulatory" bodies today and also
>>different from the "you can't do that" attitude of many regulators,
>>compliance officers, etc. when confronted with anything novel.
>>It may be true that most novel proposals are bunk, but we need
>>oversight that can tell the difference between hooey and hooray.
> That's how I feel too, the industry has matured now to a point that we
> require that sort of oversight.

Oversight is one part of maturity.   The problem today is that software
is being used for all sorts of critical functions, with many of the
implementations done by the "no problem" crowd who don't know
or don't care about the potential problems they are creating as long
as they don't get noticed until after they have been given their
"performance bonus" for delivering an apparently working "product',
whether the product is a financial instrument or a vehicle management

Today's Globe & Mail had a list of vehicles that were found in tests to
have rollover potential.  One of the remedies mentioned addition of dynamic
stability -- e.g., compensate for deficiencies in the underlying mechanical
design using software layered on the ABS.   One of the tests was the
"moose avoidance" high speed swerve maneuver.   At one time, car
weight balance and suspensions for "performance" models were designed
to spin rather than roll over when the wheel was jerked over at speed.  Do
today's automobile designers compromise suspension mechanical design
in the hope that limitations can be overcome with software?

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