[nSLUG] Linux Certifications

Pat Gagnon patgagnon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 17:27:02 ADT 2010

Funny you should mention formalization Adam.  This might be the 1st step:

Novell has joined with LPI and now you get both certs for doing either entry
level exams, Novell CLA and LPIC 1.

Same for CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC 1.

This is on the LPI website in 2 separate press releases.  So I sent them an
e-mail asking if I write the LPIC 1 do I get 3 certs out of it.

I'm assuming it won't be long before there is only one cert for these 3
agencies.  That leaves the vendor specific certs only now.


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>One reason certifications are useful is when the employer has little 
>idea how to tell if a person is knowledgeable.

Yes, thats how I feel, certs can be the bridge between the technical people
and the business people. 

Putting aside all the specific issues with this exam or that exam, I feel
there needs to be a more formal form of certification or accreditation of
computer techs. IT people are handling the mission critical systems of the
world now and that should require that those people be essentially licensed
to do so. I think of how lawyers are required to pass bar exams to practice,
I'd like to see something along those lines for IT related fields. If that
doesn't exist in the exams and certs we have today, then perhaps it's time
to create it. You wouldn't let a doctor or lawyer practice without some form
of license because of the damage an unqualified person could do, why should
a tech not be expected to prove their competency in the same way when they
can have the  power to potentially damage whole infrastructures through

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