[nSLUG] Re: amusing convergence of old and new

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Apr 13 18:31:18 ADT 2010

> An AJAX emacs emulator
> http://www.ymacs.org/

Gak!  I guess if you live in a browser, it's somthing.  Does it solve
the problem of those cute little <INPUT... panes that are 4 lines by
25 characters into which you are supposed to enter a plot summary of
War and Peace?

I live in emacs and would like the browser itself to behave more like
emacs.  E.g. it would be nice if there were a lot of user-accessible
hooks into the code so that you could write a script that executes
before rendering an image, that parses and filters the HTML before
rendering or whatever. I do something vaguely like this for a few
sites by putting the script in cgi-bin on localhost and keeping a link
to the script on my (local) home page. The script fetches the page,
elides unwanted HTTP headers, formats it to suit me and hands it off
to Apache which hands it back to the browser.  Nuisance, though, and
doesn't solve all annoyances of overzealous "web design".

Gratuitous OT gripe, while I'm here: 

More and more sites are adding no-cache HTTP headers (or the
functional equivalent) so that the BACK button forces a reload from
the site. On dialup, that's an insufferable PITA. This happens even
when there's no advertizing stuff on the page that might be counting
"impressions" and making money. And some even have a
<META...REFRESH... tag set for every few minutes. &$%##**!!!

- Mike

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