[nSLUG] Linux Certifications

Johann Tienhaara jtienhaara at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 17:38:45 ADT 2010

Oliver Baltzer wrote:
> Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > On 12/04/10 07:43 AM, Pat Gagnon wrote:
> >
> > I can't really recommend any Linux certification.  I have
> > the feeling that any job that would have screened me out
> > on the basis of not having certification, I wouldn't be
> > interested in.
> It definitely depends on the job and the environment. I am
> personally not a big fan of certification either.

In general, I agree.  Just getting a cert in order to get a
job is silly; and ignoring resumes which don't have certs on
them is equally silly.  In fact most HR departments are
extremely silly IMHO...  But that's a bigger topic.

Nevertheless I have a friend who wanted to switch gears
from a coding career to become a systems administrator.  In
a case like that, where he had very little sysadmin
experience (but lots of experience maintaining Linux
systems, building websites, etc), the RHCT makes sense to
me -- and it helped him get the change in job he was
looking for.

In general I do think training and certification are
valuable educational tools.  They of course cannot be
compared to hands-on practical experience, research,
reading, etc.  But there is no reason to edify one's self
in only one way.  Excluding training & certs out of hand
would be no less silly, IMHO, than excluding everything
else and just dabbling in Linux by taking a one week
training course.

Some employers want to improve their existing
employees' skills.  Sending them on training sessions
is, from a corporation's perspective, a very cheap way
of encouraging employees to expand their horizons, pick
up "best practices", etc.

From my perspective, the RHEL certs provide not only a
hands-on opportunity to administer "real-world-like"
systems which I otherwise would not have access to; but
they also provide tips, tricks, exposure to cool tools,
and so on.  Many of those nuggets have stuck with me and
helped me in areas having nothing to do with my boring
day job.

Some of the stories of the trainer have stuck with me
too -- like the time he instructed someone over the
phone on how to edit some important file in ed...  A
"Who's on First?" sketch for *nix geeks.

$0.02 as always :)


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