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Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Tue Apr 13 09:33:44 ADT 2010


> It would be good to hear if there were any issues with the chipset or NIC 

Oh, yes, good point.  As a Sun hardware devotee I was very upset that after installing Solaris 10 09/10u18, the NIC wasn't visible at all. However, my geekly roommate, also a Solaris sysadmin, offered to help, and we got it working.

The video card and disks worked beautifully from the get-go.  As soon as the DVD started booting (from an external USB DVD drive) the screen changed to the big blue S curve.

Basically we had to:
* get the list of cards that the interface on the D510MO ("Realtek 8111DL Gigabit Ethernet Controller") is compatible with 
* snoop through the list of drivers available in Solaris
* pick a match and make an entry in the system drivers table.
* turn off the interface's checksumming.

Details are here:


Daniel MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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