[nSLUG] ATom based backup units

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Mon Apr 12 20:33:07 ADT 2010

Hey all! 

Based on the mention here, I picked up one of these for $80, added 2 x 300G used SATA drives for $75, bought 2G used memory for $40, found a free hand-me-down case and slapped Solaris 10 up on it. It's a DARN frisky box!  Solaris happily zraid'd all of the two drives, and so I can grow the storage space by upgrading them one at a time.

I was planning to leave it at my house as a warm-backup for the hardware that runs some home pages on http://bonmot.ca/ and http://gay.hfxns.org/ and a bunch of other domains and services -- ("venus.bonmot.ca".) The 10 (15?) year old Sun E220R that it's on right now, blew one power supply a few months ago and I won't be replacing it.  I tested resizing a couple hundred images from 200K to 80K using GraphicsMagick / ImageMagick; on the E220R it took 150 seconds, on the D510MO it took 33 seconds.

So, it's such a great little box that I'll be replacing it sometime in the next month and selling the E220R for parts.

Right now it's rsync'ing venus.bonmot.ca as a backup, so if and when the old girl blows a gasket it'll be a quick transition to new hardware.  The binaries all have to get switched over (E220R is Sparc hardware, the D510MO is X86) but that can be done gradually or in a few intense hours.

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