[nSLUG] Gigabit networking

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 13:57:23 ADT 2010

Provided you use proper cables, I would expect everything to work as
you describe.
Keep in mind that 1 Gbps is the wire speed; in practice you will get
maybe up to 800 Mbps data transfer rate, and that only if both
computers are able to keep up (disk reads/writes, PCI bus, etc). But
still, it should be faster than 100 Mbps.


On 5 April 2010 12:11, Matt Chamberlain <chamberlain2007 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there.  Figured someone here would be able to answer this question.  I am
> looking to setup a File/rtorrent server, Linux based, separate from my main
> desktop.  I would like it to connect to my desktop via Gigabit, in order to
> have fast transfers.  Problem is, my router is only a 10/100 wireless
> router.  Here's what I was thinking as far as setup: get a gigabit switch,
> connect the two computers to that, and also the router.  Now here's my
> problem/question: if I do so, will the connection be 1 Gbps when connecting
> to between the two computers, and then 100 Mbps when connecting to the
> internet? Or would the whole link be down to 100 Mbps.  If that is the case,
> any suggestions on how to set everything up? Thanks a lot!
> --
> -Matt Chamberlain

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