[nSLUG] Gigabit networking

Matt Chamberlain chamberlain2007 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:11:18 ADT 2010

Hi there.  Figured someone here would be able to answer this question.  I am
looking to setup a File/rtorrent server, Linux based, separate from my main
desktop.  I would like it to connect to my desktop via Gigabit, in order to
have fast transfers.  Problem is, my router is only a 10/100 wireless
router.  Here's what I was thinking as far as setup: get a gigabit switch,
connect the two computers to that, and also the router.  Now here's my
problem/question: if I do so, will the connection be 1 Gbps when connecting
to between the two computers, and then 100 Mbps when connecting to the
internet? Or would the whole link be down to 100 Mbps.  If that is the case,
any suggestions on how to set everything up? Thanks a lot!

-Matt Chamberlain
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