[nSLUG] Cases and fans

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Sat Apr 3 15:49:54 ADT 2010

I have both 5 and 12 volt fans.  These are ceramic bearings rather than bronze 
bush or ball bearing.  Most of the fans are $12.00 or less with ceramic 
bearings.  The MTBF is over 250,000 hours.  I have been using them for 3+ years 
and have never had one fail,  ....... yet!

Regarding the cases.

The small miniITX cases are waaay over priced.  The leaast expensive option is 
entry level tower cases.  Dealer cost runs from < $40.00 to 100.00+

Their advantage is they use standard power supplies, and accept the normal 
CD/DVD drives, not the slim line ones from laptops.  They look pretty empty 
when a miniITX board is used.  They usually have a place for a fan to blow on 
the hard drives and another to exhaust the air from the back of the case.

If you really want to be low power and can accept 40gb capacity, think of the 
new intel X-25V Solid state drives.  I think less than $180.00 FOB Toronto.

See this link


There are at least 4 computer wholesalers in metro that I deal with.

Jim H

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