[nSLUG] Atom based board

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Fri Apr 2 10:18:34 ADT 2010

I have had several inquiries off list about the ATOM board I mentioned.

To save individual replies I have written this.

The full details are here.


It includes the CPU and NIC

It takes DDR2 RAM, up to 2 modules of 2 GB each.

It ONLY has 2 SATA drive connections not IDE aka PATA.  So it needs a SATA HD 
and SATA cd/DVD.  Or 2 SATA HD and an external USB drive 

It has ps/2 keyb and mouse jacks.  It has audio built in.

If any nslug member wants them they are $99.00 plus 13% tax. or a total of 

Note: the previous verision of this board the D945GCLF2 had linux support for 
the chipset and one had to install the driver from the NIC chip  maker Realtek. 
 I am sure of the status of this newer board regarding Linux drivers and 
chipset driver.

This link has some discussion about FreeBSD on this board


>From that and other reading I would surmise that it will be suitable for the 
role I intend it and that is a low power low cost web server using the command 

I currently use the predecessor the D945GCLF2 as my main desktop unit.  I watch 
Youtube videos etc and use Win XP Pro.  I have it loaded to the max of 2 GB of 
RAM.  I have about 6 or 7 clients using these as their primary desktop for 
office apps.  It is NOT a gaming machine.

Jim H

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